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POWER is a voluntary action group.

PROTECTING OUR WOLDS' ENVIRONMENT & RESOURCES (POWER)  should be everyone’s number one priority. Our ‘action group’ relies totally on its members. We have no gimmicky corporate imaging, no expensive and/or unnecessary consultancy services*, our website and social-media interactions are free of any cost. We rely solely on public support in everything we do. We enjoy no political, financial or material benefit from the wider community. Instead, POWER maintains a down to earth and common sense approach to tackling the widespread concerns expressed by the vast majority of our populations. POWER provides a focal point for endeavour on those issues that threaten our county’s wellbeing - So, welcome to POWER!


*Where expert advice and assistance is required, we have a range of highly experienced and qualified individuals who, where possible will provide such advice and assistance as is required, either free or at a guaranteed minimum fee.

POWER is a voluntary 'action group' based in Middleton on the Wolds with members from several neighbouring Wolds villages. We work responsibly and pro-actively with national and local government to prevent further incursions by those who seek to exploit our natural resources. We monitor all proposals from energy companies and other 'industrial' developments that might be considered detrimental to our local environment.


We firmly county has more than its fair share of wind turbines, the second largest in the country yet  other, equally suited areas of the country have none. Why? Simple! Having failed to establish this county as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, successive councils have left the door wide open for the developer. Others too would use our unique geological formations to store waste or to extract shale oil and/or gas as part of the government’s green-energy mix. Any such proposals requires us to be vigilant and examine the processes involved and options available.


Our action group does not ‘oppose’ simply to be seen as in opposition! We believe where any planned incursion is likely to have consequences for our region and its communities, we have a duty to meet with and discuss these concerns with all concerned. Only through such actions can we understand, advise or persuade as we feel is right.


Please spend some time exploring our website and if you should have any questions about POWER or what we stand for, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


             Ian Dewar

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Aims and ambitions: We pledge to take our environmental responsibilities seriously. For many years there have been grave concerns about global warming and the need to reduce carbon emissions . However, there remain as many widely divergent views on the cause and effect of climate change as do the promised solutions for it. That said, despite all that is debated, it is generally agreed we must do more to protect our earth, our environment - and steward it wisely for the benefit of those who inherit what we leave behind.


The need for clean, affordable and reliable energy is of course critical but each incentive must be gauged by its delivery of economic, reliable and consistent power. With that as a starting point, we encourage and support finding sound scientific solutions towards the goal of a cleaner, greener world yet remain steadfastly opposed to all proposals failing to meet that criteria.


We are resolved to resist inefficient wind power: Wind power is not a technically legitimate solution to our renewable energy needs. It does not meaningfully reduce CO2 emissions, nor is it the commercially viable, optional source of energy we were promised at its inception. Recorded experience to date not only demonstrates this; but shows wind power with few exceptions, is not even environmentally responsible. There are alternative energy sources that better meet the scientific, economic and/or environmental criteria put in place by the Kyoto Protocol adopted at Marrakesh in 2001 and Doha Amendments of 2012. Many countries are investing heavily in research and development to allow more reliance on nuclear, solar, tidal and even a return to fossil fuels with non-toxic, saturated emissions as a means of generating power.


Industrialisation: The Wolds are under constant threat of industrialisation, not only from the energy companies but those who would bring business incompatible with our way of life and damaging to our natural environment. POWER remains committed to protecting our countryside from these and working with local authorities to ensure any such proposals are rejected where risk to our environment and countryside are an inevitable consequence.

December 27th 2015

Several groups have spoken up about the new fracking licences issued for areas across East Yorkshire, including Pocklington. The Government has now offered oil and gas company Cuadrilla Resources, in partnership with GDF Suez E&P UK, fracking licences for areas all over East Yorkshire, including land around Pocklington, Sutton-on-Derwent and Stamford Bridge.


Cuadrilla said the exact sites have not yet been decided as seismic and geophysical surveys need to be conducted to find where the most gas is. It is expected to take over a year before sites can be chosen. Following the issue of new oil and gas licences, Friends of the Earth called on David Cameron to listen to East Yorkshire residents’ concerns about fracking and how it will affect their health and the environment.




To provide and support, effective opposition to any threat or proposed development that compromises the landscape, heritage, wildlife or natural beauty of the East Yorkshire region.

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October 5th 2016:


The Government has overturned a decision to refuse planning permission for fracking of shale gas in Lancashire.

Ahead of the announcement by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), Friends of the Earth released documents showing one of two proposed sites had been given planning permission, despite local opposition.


The decision is the first indication that Theresa May will continue David Cameron's ambitions to go "all out" for fracking, despite concerns that opening up a new supply of fossil fuels is a retrograde step given the need to reduce carbon emissions.

It came on the same day Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, the leading economist, warned that attempts to deliver economic growth with a high-carbon strategy would "self-destruct".


Some have argued that gas from fracking will help cut greenhouse gases relative to coal, which produces more emissions. But others say rapid developments in renewable energy, batteries and other electricity storage methods have demonstrated there is no need to frack for gas.


Fracking has also been linked to pollution of groundwater and the air, with complaints of health problems by some local people in places like Pennsylvania in the US where it has become common.


Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities, said: “The decisions follow extensive consideration of all the evidence, including an independent planning inspector’s report and evidence submitted during a two-week public inquiry.

“Shale gas has the potential to power economic growth, support 64,000 jobs, and provide a new domestic energy source, making us less reliant on imports.


POWER (Protecting Our Wolds Environment & Resources) is an action group dedicated to preserving the unspoilt beauty and heritage  of the Yorkshire Wolds.

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Where possible all material included in these pages has been verified as factually correct. In the event you find something to be erroneous or feel is misleading, please contact POWER immediately and we will investigate.

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